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The organizations and individuals who work in supply chain and procurement have a unique perspective on what makes business work. Managing a supply chain is so much more than moving goods, and procurement is responsible for far more than purchasing goods and services. Without a strategic approach to procurement and supply chain, no company can build or maintain a competitive advantage – especially in today’s complex global marketplaces.

On May 18th, 2022, join us as we celebrate their global excellence and innovative leadership. More details will be released soon. To be notified as soon as information becomes available, click here.

Awarding Supply Chain & Procurement Leaders Who Deliver Excellence Daily

The 2022 Supply Chain & Procurement Awards  are dedicated to the people and teams that make up the supply chain and procurement community. They are disruptive leaders who deliver excellence through digital transformation and innovative shipping practices. While their dedication and efforts are absolutely essential, they often go unnoticed, going the extra mile on a regular basis to keep the operation running smoothly.

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