Awards & Nomination Process

Each nomination application requires a $200 nomination fee, but 100% of all nomination fees will be donated to our charitable partner, Hope for Justice, at the conclusion of the awards. Click here to learn more about the SCAPAs philanthropic efforts.


2022 Awards and Award Criteria

Deeds, Not Words Leadership Award
Excellent leadership requires a combination of vision, inspiration, coordination, perseverance, and empathy. The leadership characteristics can be found in contributors at all levels of the corporate hierarchy. Without it, a team may fracture, flounder or fail. However, with an inspirational leader at the helm, a team can overcome challenges and achieve extraordinary results. The Leadership Award recognizes an individual that exemplifies the above characteristics and is regarded as a leader by their peers no matter the title they hold.


  • Please describe the leadership situation (crisis response, vision, perseverance, empathy, growth, service, …)
  • What makes this person stand out as a leader?
  • Provide a narrative about this individual that serves as an example of their exceptional leadership. Identify tangible results, new inspiration or coaching presences to reach new heights.
  • Share what the bottom-line results were, attributed to this individual’s leadership/work

Building a Sustainable Future Award
If supply chains have taught us anything, it is that the world is increasingly more connected every day. All countries, companies, and carriers cross the same oceans and fly in the same skies. Each of us has a responsibility to protect and repair the planet as we serve customers today and prepare our businesses for the future. This award recognizes a company in recognition of their contributions to the environment through innovative sustainable practices such as increased operational efficiency, lowered emissions, reductions in waste/packaging, reuse/recycle products and materials or similar positive environmental impact.

  • How has this company positively impacted the environment, removed waste or taken steps to repair damage/harm?
  • What drove this decision (input from stakeholders, customers/consumers, regulation, etc)?
  • Provide a narrative about this organization that demonstrates how they are making a difference to the environment? Include metrics, timelines and outcomes as appropriate.
  • Share information that will illustrate how this company’s actions, approach & impact will be sustainable and will stand to the test of time

Champions of Humanity Award
Core guiding values are critical in business, as no organization operates without being part of at least one community. Those values often exhibit themselves through programs and initiatives founded to advance social causes such as diversity, inclusion, and human rights. This award is presented to a company in recognition of one or more efforts to make a difference by giving forward to make the world a better place.

  • What social cause or issue has this company positively impacted through purposeful actions and investments?
  • Why do they deserve public recognition?
  • Provide a narrative about this organization that demonstrates how they are making a difference in the world/their community? Include metrics, timelines and outcomes as appropriate
  • Share information as to “what’s next” to continue this good work. What is the vision here for the work still to come?

Reimagining the Power of Procurement Award
Procurement has progressed significantly since entering the corporate scene as purchasing agents. That is due as much to expanding requirements driven by executive teams, consumers, and markets, as it is the vision of disruptive innovators who are changing the field from within. This award is presented to a procurement leader or team who shows an extraordinary ability to innovate and drive growth while still delivering ‘tables stakes’ results such as savings and risk management.

  • Please describe the procurement organization being nominated (scope, structure, spend categories, etc)
  • How has this leader or team innovated within or through procurement’s capabilities to deliver more than just savings?
  • What results has this delivered for the company? Include metrics and outcomes.
  • How has the team’s influence or relationships been positively impacted?

Technology Trailblazer Award
The ability to digitally transform supply chain performance and corporate outcomes determines who will become a market leader and who will follow. Digital business transformation comes from leveraging new technologies and services to drive tangible business value, accelerate ROI and create a sustainable path forward. Technology trailblazers harness emerging technologies, streamline the user experience, and deliver new businesses insights. This award is presented to two solution providers, one in supply chain and one in procurement, who execute against their own vision and deliver measurable results for their clients.


  • How does the solution solve a new problem, accelerate supply chain or procurement success,  or take an entirely new approach to an enduring problem?
  • What value does this approach help supply chain and procurement teams deliver?
  • What is the source of this innovative vision/approach?
  • What results has this delivered for the company or their clients? Include metrics and outcomes.

Delivering Change Through Digital Transformation Award
The word ‘digital’ may precede ‘transformation’ in this commonly uttered phrase, but change – or at least the desire to bring about change – has to come first. From the identification of a business need, to the understanding of the comprehensive talent, process and technology implications of transformation, being able to successfully lead a digital transformation effort is a claim few companies can make. This award is presented to an organization that is well on their way through a digital journey and is willing to share their transformational story for the benefit of others.

  • What business need or imperative brought about the decision to start a transformation journey?
  • Who led the transformation effort internally?
  • How has the team embraced the need to lead change themselves, and how are they helping others in the organization do the same?
  • What is the desired future state (post-transformation) and how is that vision being articulated/preserved among those who must lead the effort?
  • What results has this delivered for the company, supply chain partners or customers/consumers? Include metrics and outcomes.
  • What is the vision for “what’s next” with this company’s digital transformation?

Building a World-Class Logistics Ecosystem Award
Supply chains play an ever-expanding role in our communities and economies, and over time they have become diverse and complex ecosystems. From carriers to brokers, warehousing providers to asset free optimizers, control towers to 3PL service providers there are innovations and new forms of value entering the scene all the time. This award is presented to an organization or team that demonstrates logistics excellence can propel customer service and drive greater value.

  • What type of transportation role does the organization or team provide?
  • How is the organization innovating or delivering a new type of value? What was the inspiration for this value?
  • How are performance expectations set and ensured, even as the team pushes into new areas of operation?
  • What results has this delivered for the company, supply chain partners or customers/consumers? Include metrics and outcomes.

Unsung Hero Award
Every company, organization, and team is made up of dedicated individuals – many of whom work tirelessly, day in and day out, with little recognition for their contributions. Although we don’t know all of their stories, we have seen them tackle obstacles, deliver results and provide inspiration. They answered the call and did what was required to move their company, industry and customer forward. This award is presented to an individual contributor who went above and beyond to carry on despite the risks and challenges. 

  • What role does this individual currently work in?
  • How did they persevere or contribute above and beyond on a regular basis and what is the source of this perseverance?
  • Please provide a narrative that serves as an example of the spirit and work ethic that makes them a candidate for this award.
  • What results has this delivered for the company, supply chain partners or customers/consumers? Include metrics and outcome if possible.